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    2. Today:
      N,N-copper din butyldith...
      Tris (nonyl phenyl) pho...
      Ultra-high purity calcium...
      High purity zinc stearate
        Sales Hotline:4008879738
      Tel: +86-515-84388080
      Email: sales@taileikechem.com
      Url: www.xxxlspace.com                www.taileike.com
        Jiangsu Taihu New Materials Holding (Yancheng) Co., Ltd(Jiangsu Taileike Chemical Industry Co., Ltd) locates in Jiangsu Binhai—Yancheng Coastal Chemical Park. With convenient land and water transport, the region is 50 kilometers away from the county town of Binhai.
      Main products of the Company are: N-methyldiethanolamine, N·N-dimethyletnanolamine, phydroxyanisole, thiophenylamine, TNPP, isopropanolamine (mono, diiso and tri), zinc stearate and calcium stearate etc.
      Taking the customer requirement as the orientation and relying on strong technology of research institutions and own financial strength, the Company makes full use of its advantages. Meanwhile, we take continuous technical innovation as the means to increase product quality of the Company and find a unique way for management and innovative development.
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